Credit: Smallville: Timothy White/The WB

Is it me, or is every show turning into Lost or The Sopranos? It’s coming to the point where no fictional character is safe, and anyone could get whacked at any time. Sure, that’s what real life is like, and it keeps shows from growing stale and complacent, but isn’t complacency a little of what we watch TV for? We like to see how our favorite characters manage to solve problems and resolve crises each week without, you know, getting killed in the process. Still, at a time when entire TV networks can suddenly croak, we have to get used to the prospect of imminent doom for even the most beloved TV characters.

Which brings us to tonight’s 100th episode of Smallville, which the WB has been hyping by teasing the death of someone close to Clark (Tom Welling). Any guesses on who that’ll be? Who would you miss the most? The least?

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