For someone who lives in the huge glass house called Hollywood, Pink sure has some big stones. In the Dave Meyers-directed ”Stupid Girls” video, which is scheduled to debut today on (we spotted it early here), Pink gets into character to lampoon Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen (pictured), Paris Hilton, breast implants, spray-on tanning, and, um, bulimia. Pink also poses as a political candidate whose televised speech is being watched by a little girl, as if to suggest that girls and women are too obsessed with looks, fame, and money and not enough on loftier pursuits like politics. Pretty funny to watch, but it’s still too easy to dismiss the clip as a slumping artist’s bid for renewed attention, since the song itself is a tired slab of warmed-over club beats.

addCredit(“Pink: Frank Micelotta/La Face Records”)