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This week’s Inspiration challenge was pretty, um, inspired (crass commercialism notwithstanding). Too bad Tim Gunn’s critiques were not. Our thoughts:

1. Photo 101 Having the contestants photograph the city in search of inspiration kinda reminded me of an introductory photo class. People even snapped their own shoes. Very Lost in Translation.

2. Let’s go buy digicams! Boy, those Olympus cameras and printers delivered high-quality photos. I should purchase one of those. Also, I will read Elle magazine, buy Kors designs, play with Barbie. And go, Sasha, in Turin!

3. I’m warming up to Santino. That is, when he’s not eating bacon. Ewww. The usually irascible jerk conceded wrongdoing for the first time, “What I had made for Sasha Cohen was pretty ridiculous and horrible.” He even gets points for being gracious to the judges’ gripes. And his impression of Tim Gunn was spot-on: “Designers, rock the Casbah.”

4. Zulema is the new Santino. Almost. Zulema (pictured) gets points for the bad-ass walk-off request, but the girl’s a paranoid megalomaniac: “They’re talking to you but they’re always like, ‘I’m watching you… because your shysty.'” Why do you think nobody likes you? At least Santino wears the competition on his sleeve with no apologies. Don’t connive and then get upset when people question your friendworthiness. Too bad we hardly got the chance to start hating on this week’s competition loser.

5. The other dresses His glazed stare still scares me but I really liked Andrae’s dirty-gutter-water gown. He was my winner, even though I do respect Daniel’s orchid ambitiousness. Kara’s “no trespassing” dress was successful — in that her model looked like roadkill.

6. “Paris Hilton in Greece”? I’ll second Heidi’s astutecomment that “Your dress should speak more than you do.” There was waytoo much talk this week. Also, it took me a while realize that Nickdidn’t say his midriff-baring dress was “Paris Hilton in Grease.” Now on Broadway! Summer nights indeed!

7. Nick needs to calm down about losing Tarah. (“I justwanted to vomit”; “For a minute I wanted to cut her…”) As noted inprevious posts, Nick has been my favorite, but his incessant sulkingquickly grew tiresome. I might be done with Nick, if I weren’t soafraid he’d cut me. (Go, Nick!)

8. My critique of Tim’s critiques: Not so ambitious Thisweek, Tim Gunn gave each of the designers a no-nonsense, personalizedcritique. A sampling of his not-so-personalized comments: “Push theenvelope”; “Step out of your comfort zone”; “Take risks”; “Be moreambitious”; “Step out of the metaphorical box.” All sounds the same tome. Tim needs to be more ambitious with his criticism.

9. Michael Kors’ Ouchie of the Week (To Zulema) “It looks like a
debutante dress gone wrong. Kinda like the trashy debutante in town in
the red dress. And her mother’s a bad home-sewer.” Ouchie!

What did you think of this week’s ep? Who are you rooting for to make the final three?

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