I know some of you are going to hate me for suggesting this, but if I were a cable exec, I’d call up American Idol reject Rhonetta Johnson and sign her to a holding deal.

Think about it: With her silver tube-top and hooch-tastic skirt, she’s not afraid to work a unique look, and given her post-audition meltdown last night, she’s not afraid to act the fool either. Plus, she’s already established a killer catchphrase. (”You think I’m gonna drink off you?” Rhonetta huffed to the cameras after Paula Abdul offered her a sip of bubbly water. ”You can drink off me!”)

So how about it, PopWatchers? If you were giving the greenlight to Here Comes Rhonetta!, who would you hire to fill out the cast? Would it be a comedy, drama, or reality? And what would the premise be?

Me, I’d cast her as a struggling singer-actress-dancer who can’t help but turn her auditions and rare gigs into utter catastrophes. Cast comedian Susie Essman as Rhonetta’s equally foul-mouthed agent, RuPaul as Rhonetta’s rhubarb-tongued stage mom, and Yasmine Bleeth as Rhonetta’s scheming arch nemesis, and you’ve got comic gold, people.

What say you? Would you watch my version of Here Comes Rhonetta!, or have you got a better idea?