It’s taken Martin Lawrence six years to resurrect Hattie Mae Pierce, the zaftig alter ego of FBI agent Malcolm Turner who again goes undercover — this time as a nanny spying on Tom Fuller (Desperate Housewives‘ Mark Moses), a father of three who’s created a computer worm that could threaten homeland security. That flimsy plot is the one nod to timeliness in Big Momma’s House 2; otherwise, this unnecessary but genial comedy’s yuks are firmly steeped in the ways of Y2K. An adorable Chihuahua that looks like it wandered in from the set of an old Taco Bell commercial gets drunk on tequila. Momma chases a perp along an ocean boardwalk before hopping onto a Segway. And the final scenes, in a pale imitation of 2000’s already-too-satirized Bring It On, take place at a tween cheer competition. What, you were expecting originality from a Martin Lawrence sequel? House 2 may never elicit more than mild chuckles, but when Momma teaches the Fullers a few lessons about family, it’s heartfelt without being syrupy. And Lawrence — thundering down the beach in cornrows and a yellow swimsuit — yet again proves that there is no such thing as an unfunny 10 parody.

Big Momma's House 2
  • Movie
  • 99 minutes