Okay, I admit it, I got served yesterday playing Beat This Caption (Wilmer Valderrama Edition) — I knew I should’ve used Susman’s suggestion: ”This year, drive a Caddy. Next year, be a caddy” — but not by most of you! Sure, Ali’s ”PopoZão” reference and John’s joke about Wilmer’s career and his car being in park and made me guffaw, and usual suspect DaisyJ didn’t disappoint, but I think we can all agree that PopWatch is above Lindsay Lohan substance-abuse punch lines, right? (Right?) Alrighty then. Today, we’ve got a Brangelina sighting, and I’m imploring you guys not to drag a poor, innocent fetus into the madness. Dig deeper, people, be creative, and see if you can beat my caption:

There’s no way we’re calling you Brangelelvis.

addCredit(“Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Niki Nikolova/”)