If you know the name Spike Feresten at all, it’s because you’re a Seinfeld fanatic who recognizes his name from the credits, as a writer of such classic episodes as ”The Soup Nazi.” It’s certainly not because you recognize Feresten from his on-camera work, which is limited to a walk-on role in Pauly Shore’s movie Jury Duty.

Nonetheless, he’s the guy Fox has tapped as a talk show host as it dips its toe into the late-night pool again. (Guess Fox decided 13 years is enough time to do penance for having aired The Chevy Chase Show.) This fall, the network is launching Talk Show with Spike Feresten to follow MADtv on Saturday nights.

Sure, Feresten isn’t a seasoned performer, but Fox needs to develop some farm talent for when the next late-night tectonic shift occurs (in 2009, when NBC will have Conan O’Brien take over for Jay Leno). Besides, O’Brien was an unknown comedy writer once, too. Read Variety‘s description of the show, and look at Feresten’s head shot, and tell us if you think this is something you’d watch.