The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder: Punk & New Wave


In the late ’70s and early ’80s, punk acts found an unlikely ally in the form of chain-smoking, musically clueless late-night talk-show host Tom Snyder, who would have the angry upstarts on for performances and/or interviews. The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder: Punk & New Wave collects eight such episodes featuring luminaries like the Ramones, Patti Smith, and the Jam, with some truly bizarre back-and-forths like this exchange with Iggy Pop. Snyder: ”Why are you bleeding?” Pop: ”Because I’m on your show.” EXTRAS The episodes are presented in full, complete with peculiar transitions — such as when a sunny chat with Allan Carr, there to promote his new Village People movie, Can’t Stop the Music, is followed directly by Snyder’s confrontational sit-down with former (and future) Sex Pistol John Lydon.

The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder: Punk & New Wave
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