In a conference call with reporters yesterday, Jamie Foxx said he’s not dating Eva Longoria (he said she’s still seeing his pal, San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker) and added that he needs a date for the Oscars. If he doesn’t bring his little girl, like he did last year, who can we fix him up with?

(See our suggestions after the jump…)

addCredit(“Longoria & Foxx: Kevin Mazur/; Berry, Harris: Sonia Moskowitz/Globe Photos; Zellweger: Judie Burstein/Globe Photos; Simpson: Fitzroy Barrett/Globe Photos; Hudson: Paul Schmulbach/Globe Photos”)

Halle Berry

PRO Fellow Oscar winner. They’d make a fantastic looking red carpet couple. She’s romantically unattached.
CON Bad Catwoman karma.

Naomie Harris

PRO As Foxx’s Miami Vice costar, she’d help promote the movie with her appearance. She’s beautiful and has a classy British accent.
CON Naomie who?

Jennifer Hudson

As Foxx’s Dreamgirls costar, she’d help promote the movie with her appearance. Should Foxx start another Ray singalong, the former American Idol finalist would be able to hold up her end of a duet.
CON She’s a better singer than he is — he might not want the competition.

Jessica Simpson

PRO She’s newly single. They’d steal the red carpet headlines fromevery other couple. She’d give him something to gawk at during slowmoments of the ceremony.
CON Foxx could find himself forced to duet with Simpson on her nextalbum or star with her in a reality show.

Renée Zellweger

PRO Fellow Oscar winner; like Foxx, she’s from Texas. She’s newly single.
CON He might accidentally snap her like a twig.

Any other suggestions?