My editor says I’m a PopWatch comments junkie, but seriously, with folks like EP Sato, Brandon K, and DaisyJ sharing their wit and pop-culture obsession on the message boards, can you blame me? And now, with our new feature, Beat This Caption, I’ll get to combine two of my favorite hobbies — reading your jaunty remarks and questioning my own self-worth — on an ongoing basis, by posting my caption for a celebrity photo, then challenging all of you folks to one-up me. We’ve got That 70’s Show actor/inexplicable chick magnet Wilmer Valderrama to accompany us on our maiden voyage, so go ahead — beat this caption from his appearance this week at a certain indie film festival in Utah. (Keep it clean.)

”Keepin’ it real at Sundance 2006, yo.”

addCredit(“Wilmer Valderama: Mychal Watts/”)