Credit: Courting Alex: James White

Am I the only one who doesn’t get Jenna Elfman’s appeal? Sure, she’s pleasant to look at, and her low-key charm worked just fine in a sitcom as unchallenging as Dharma & Greg, but how did she come to be regarded as a beloved sitcom icon, a wild and daffy funnywoman who was the next Lucille Ball? I ask because Courting Alex, which premieres tonight on CBS, reverses the D&G equation so that Elfman is the uptight lawyer while Ed alum Josh Randall is the laid-back free-spirit, a situation that would seem to play against Elfman’s established persona as well as her modest (in my opinion) strengths. So could some Jenna fan out there please enlighten me, and tell me why you’re looking forward to Courting Alex?

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