If nothing else, you have to give Richard Hatch credit for a sense of timing and drama. According to the Associated Press, at his tax evasion trial on Friday, the inaugural Survivor winner’s lawyer said that CBS agreed to pay the taxes on his winnings after he threatened to expose his discovery that other contestants had allegedly cheated by smuggling food. CBS and producer Mark Burnett have not commented, but two of Hatch’s fellow castaways, Rudy Boesch and Dr. Sean Kenniff, both told that they never saw any cheating and doubted that contestants could have had friends smuggle food onto the island. However, a Survivor cameraman and an unnamed first-season castaway corroborated Hatch’s story, telling TMZ that some contestants did sneak in some candy and Power Bars.

Could Hatch’s allegations have merit? Or is he playing the court the way he played the game? Do you have faith in the show’s integrity, or do you think Survivor has been cutting corners for the sake of drama?