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Kudos to the producers of Lost, who seem to have found a novel way to negotiate pay raises for their cast without the threat of walkouts that often accompany hit shows as they head into their third seasons. According to The Hollywood Reporter, all the remaining actors from the original cast (including Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, pictured) are getting bumped up to about $80,000 per episode next season, or about two to four times what they’re making now. (No word on whether the tailies are getting a similar deal.)

However, producers are signing none of the actors to long-term contracts, since the writers could kill off any of them at any time. Best not complain about the pay deal, castaways, or you might get an untimely visit from Smokey, Zeke, or a stray polar bear.

Who do you think will be the next castaway to die?

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