Credit: Star Trek: Kobal Collection

So I usually think I’ve made the questions too difficult for my tender flowers, and then you end up bowling me over with your super smarts. Not so this week. Only one — I say, one — of you got the correct answer.

So what do Alice, CHiPs, Gilligan’s Island, The Simpsons, and Star Trek have in common? “The same thing that the AFC divisonal playoffs, Grey’s Anatomy, House, and many other shows in the top 20 have in common,” said Smartest PopWatcher Ever William Dyson. Well, not many, but point taken.

Uniforms, of course! Or, more precisely: The main characters on each of these shows basically wear the same clothes each episode. Think of the pink Mel’s Diner dresses; the khaki California Highway Patrol duds; Gilligan’s red rugby shirt; Marge Simpson’s lime-green frock; and those snug but fashionable Enterprise crew uniforms (pictured). Sure, sometimes Ponch went on a date and Alice and the girls went shopping from time to time, but mostly they rocked their work clothes.

Wallace David Sears, Jr. wins the Booby Prize this week for making me laugh by answering “all these shows had Vic Tayback [who played Mel on Alice] on them.” Order up! A few of you thought it had to do with time slots. For the record, I don’t do questions about time slots. I can’t remember them; I don’t expect you to. Amazingly, more than one of you said that “a mode of transportation appears in the opening credits.” I appreciate the heavy-duty thinking, but that’s true for so many shows I would never use it as an answer.

So maybe we’ll try something less taxing this Friday. Rest your big brains until then.

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