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Credit: Illustration by Drew Friedman

Do critics get emotionally involved in a movie?

I got teary watching Brokeback Mountain, and I wonder: Do critics let themselves get emotionally involved in a movie, or must they stay objective? —JJ
Personally, I tend to be an easy crier: I’ve gotten misty-eyed during the final scene of Brokeback Mountain all three times I’ve seen it (that shot of the sad, dreamy postcard tacked to Ennis’ closet door is what gets to me). And it isn’t just ”class” weepers that do it: I confess to shedding a tear at Coach Carter, The Upside of Anger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and yes Roll Bounce (I’m a sucker for follow-your-dream competition climaxes). Behind your question, though, I sense the nagging perception that critics watch films in a way that’s somehow different from ”regular” moviegoers. Trust me: It isn’t so — at least, not if we’re doing our jobs properly.

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