What's coming up on TV in 2006 -- Read about the latest shows for the new year

The Ten Commandments
ABC gets religion with this four-hour miniseries starring Dougray Scott, Omar Sharif, and Lost‘s Naveen Andrews. Scott’s first commandment upon stepping in as Moses? Ignoring Charlton Heston’s performance in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 classic. ”We don’t damn Moses, but we show him to be deeply human,” says Scott. ”Someone who was sort of paranoid and violent and passionate. We’re not making anything up; it’s all in the Old Testament.”

John Waters
‘Til Death Do Us Part
Court TV’s first attempt at scripted fare dramatizes true tales of marriages that ended in murder, directed horror-movie-style by Jeff Lieberman (Satan’s Little Helper) and narrated by camp cult hero John Waters, who suits up to play a wedding guest — the ”Groom Reaper” — and walks viewers through the twists and turns leading up to one member of the happy couple knocking off the other.

How did you become the ”Groom Reaper”?
I thought they said the Groom Raper.

Any concerns about the subject being potentially, like, offensive?
Someone said they were pissed off about the show because abuse of spouses isn’t entertainment. Well, we’re not doing spousal abuse. It’s only murder. If you beat them, we’re not doing a show. You have to kill them.

Had you watched much Court TV prior to this?
I used to live Court TV, are you kidding me? I used to go to trials before there was Court TV. Court TV is saving me a lot of airfare.

Did you watch the Scott Peterson trial?
Some of it. I think I more watched Michael Jackson. The fashions were more intriguing.

Rachael Ray
The magazine mogul, best-selling cookbook author, star of about a gazillion Food Network shows, and official F.O.O. (Friend of Oprah) continues her quest for world domination with a daily syndicated self-named talk show that will debut in mid-September. But don’t expect the cherubic star to get all Dr. Phil (or even all Tyra) on us. ”What Rachael is smart about is knowing what she shouldn’t be doing,” says King World/Paramount Domestic Television executive Terry Wood. ”It’s not gonna be a sit-on-a-couch-and-interview show. I think Rachael will surprise you about what she has to say about things other than food.” Yum-O.