At its winter press tour, UPN announces it will be working with former '70s sitcom stars, some 'N Sync guys, and that maybe-not-so-mean girl from ''Laguna Beach''
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Waking up for UPN’s presentations at the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour the morning of Thursday, Jan. 19, was a little difficult, thanks to the previous night’s CBS-UPN-Showtime fiesta. My memory is slightly fuzzy, but I might have party-stalked How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris and told Laguna Beach‘s Kristin Cavallari (who’s hosting UPN’s reality series Get This Party Started) that if I had to be reincarnated as a teenage girl, I’d want to be her. What can I say, folks? It’s been a long week, and Tim needed to let loose a bit. But enough about me: Here are some highlights from UPN’s TCA day:

Dyn-o-mite! Fans of classic ’70s sitcoms should stay tuned to UPN’s Everybody Hates Chris. Executive producer Ali LeRoi announced that Good Times‘ Jimmie ”J.J.” Walker will be playing Tichina Arnold’s father in an upcoming episode, and Ernest Thomas (Raj from What’s Happening!!) will be popping up in the same episode. Question to producers: Are you saving Dee for May sweeps? We hope so!

We’ll watch if Justin guest-stars UPN president Dawn Ostroff announced a few of the network’s projects in development, including a Kevin Williamson-scripted drama set in Palm Springs, a Paul Rodriguez sitcom, and — I’m not making this up — a comedy featuring ‘N Sync members Joey Fatone and Lance Bass, in which they’d play versions of themselves. For the love of God, didn’t anyone show her Lance and Joey’s 2001 big-screen disaster On the Line? But let’s not blame Ostroff — let’s blame former O-Towner Ashley Parker Angel. With his new MTV series There & Back, he’s opened the small-screen floodgates for sad boy-banders with questionable hair.

Multitasking is, like, so hard Not only is my BFF Kristin Cavallari hosting UPN’s reality series Get This Party Started, premiering Feb. 7, she’s also appearing in a Teddy Geiger music video and on an upcoming episode of UPN’s Veronica Mars, where she’ll play a lesbian cheerleader. Kristin claimed that Laguna Beach unfairly portrayed her as mean, which comes as a blow to all of us fans who love her because she’s mean. Who am I supposed to look up to now?

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