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Our DVD reviewers answer your questions

When you review a DVD, how much do you consider the movie, and how much the DVD ”extras”? —Bobby

I look at the work first — the movie, the TV show, whatever: Who cares if there’s a cool commentary track if the primary object of adoration stinks? But if it’s a relatively recent item (as opposed to, say, a new print of an old film noir) well, when you’re writing for EW, which most likely has reviewed any new movie or show already, there’s not much point in rereviewing the material. My duty as DVD critic is to evaluate the whole megillah that is, the ”extras” as well and judge how the package either comes together for unique DVD pleasure, or falls apart as an aesthetic or commercial rip-off. Art and consumer service: That’s my mandate, as I see it.

I recently watched a movie on DVD and was surprised by the lack of any extras — commentaries, etc. What are your picks for DVDs sorely in need of a special edition? —Rachel

Rachel, I’m a big fan of director Michael Mann, and I’d love to see/hear souped-up commentary tracks on two of my favorites of his, Heat and Thief. Heat does have a special edition, but I’d love to have not just Mann’s commentary but also that of stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino — I’d even love it if the supporting players, idiosyncratic character actors like Tom Sizemore and Val Kilmer, chimed in with their memories and approaches to filming.

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