Our celeb reality shame-o-meter -- Looking at the career declines of Mater P, Bai Ling, and three others

SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES Premise Stars like Deborah Gibson partner with famous figure skaters…and try not to fall (even further). Most Embarrassing Moment Jillian Barberie obsesses over a pulled groin muscle while training for ?70s theme night.

DANCING WITH THE STARS Premise Once-notables like Tia Carrere partner with ballroom?s best…and try not to be worst. Most Embarrassing Moment Master P introduces ”gangsta cha-cha,” which is neither gangsta nor cha-cha. It is, however, caca.

BUT CAN THEY SING? Premise Actors like Joe Pantoliano test their singing voices…and our patience. Most Embarrassing Moment Bai Ling and Carmine Gotti Agnello duet on ”Summer Nights.” (Honestly, we?re just guessing here — we couldn?t bear to watch.)

CELEBRITY MOLE YUCATAN Premise Alleged celebs like Stephen Baldwin try to figure out who is undermining them…and their careers. Most Embarrassing Moment Corbin Bernsen overanalyzes the ”Piñata Party” competition and is ”executed” in episode 2.

I?M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE! Premise D-listers like Cris Judd must survive the jungle…and self-loathing. Most Embarrassing Moment Alana Stewart is dissed by ”Downtown” Julie Brown for peeing outside the designated toilet area.