By Amy Ryan
Updated January 20, 2006 at 08:11 PM EST
Maria Conchita Alonso: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Desperate Housewives

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When I heard that Maria Conchita Alonso will be playing Gaby’s mother, Lucia, on the Feb. 19 episode of Desperate Housewives, my first reaction was: Is she old enough? Guess so. IMDb says the actress is 48, so maybe Lucia gave birth when she was about 17. She sounds like perfect casting to play Eva Longoria’s mother, though I’m a bit worried about the way Lucia is described, as a woman who surfaces in her daughter’s life after having gone through a string of husbands. Sounds an awful lot like Susan’s mom, Sophie (Lesley Ann Warren), who wore out her welcome pretty quickly. Let’s hope the Gaby-Lucia relationship doesn’t turn out to be as tedious or annoying.

Who else would you like to see on Housewives? How about Brandy as Andrew van de Kamp’s sassy best friend and confidante? Heather Locklear as Gaby’s former runway rival? Roseanne as Lynette’s wiseacre hairdresser? Rowan Atkinson as the Applewhites’ nosy insurance adjustor? The sky’s the limit.

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