Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

‘Lost’ Stand

Lost is undeniably an innovative show, but Entertainer of the Year? Did Kanye West not only have an incredible album but also speak up for gay rights and the victims of Hurricane Katrina like no other entertainer had the courage to do? Did Bono not meet the President of the United States to discuss world poverty and manage to sell out every date on U2’s world tour? What about George Clooney, who starred in and directed a critically acclaimed movie and helped organize a telethon to raise money for victims of a natural disaster? I also find it odd that although Lost was the Entertainer of the Year, it wasn’t named as the best show by either of your TV critics. How can you be the best in all facets of entertainment and not be the best in your own field?
Metuchen, N.J.

While I was glad to see the cast of Lost as your Entertainer of the Year, I would have liked to actually see the cast of Lost in your story, not just four members, two of whom are recent additions to the show.
Oak Lawn, Ill.

In Vince We Trust

Thanks, EW, for giving Vince Vaughn the spotlight he deserves in your 2005 year-end issue. You say Vaughn has perfected ”the charmingly coarse and always hilarious motormouth cutup” from 2003’s Old School. Try again. The ”Vince Vaughn” was, is, and always will be his character (Trent) from 1996’s Swingers. You are so not money and you don’t even know it.
San Jose, Calif.

Snark Attack

I’ve often cringed at EW’S snarkiness over the years, but 2005 was full of deservedly mocked celeb behavior. Enter Josh Wolk’s hilarious ”The Year That Was,” which rightfully stuck it to Tom Cruise, Tara Reid, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and the rest of the wackos who made my jaw hit the floor all year. (Extra points for referring to Mariah Carey’s Glitter CD as ”the return for store credit” — and I’m one of her biggest fans.) Writing like that is the reason I renewed my subscription. Keep it up!
Studio City, Calif.

Missing Mitch

Your tribute to the late greats of 2005 was well-done. But it irritated me that you left Mitch Hedberg off the list. Hedberg was a comical genius with a unique style, and his sudden death shocked fans everywhere. You even stated in a previous article that he was ”comedy’s Kurt Cobain”! Hedberg may not have been as renowned as Johnny Carson or Richard Pryor, but to his fans that does not matter. He deserves the respect of EW’s Farewell section.
Mystic, Iowa

Worst Enemy

I sure am glad Mr. Gleiberman managed to avoid seeing so many bad movies last year. He must have, if he feels The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was the very worst (Movies). Did he even see A Lot Like Love or Yours, Mine & Ours or Herbie: Fully Loaded? Hitchhiker’s has more wit and imagination in it than these comedies — and others like them — combined.

‘Dead’ Zinger

You picked the wrong ”…wood.” Including formulaic Everwood on your best list for 2005 (Television) and ignoring HBO’s original and riveting Deadwood was a ”c–sucking crime,” as Al Swearengen might say. Deadwood enjoyed a stellar second season that showed life and death in the Old West in a way that history books never did. In a year with no new Sopranos, Deadwood held up HBO’s end.
Ossining, N.Y.