A few questions about last night’s performance episode of Dancing With the Stars:

-Why did the judges rate Stacy and Tony’s tango higher than that of Tia and Maksim (pictured)? I thought the wrestling star seemed overly stiff, as if frozen with fear, while I thought Carrere was fluid, creative, and emotional, surpassing her famous tango scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.

-Who has the better perma-tan, Lisa Rinna or George Hamilton?

-Speaking of Lisa, her jive number with Louis was pretty sizzling, but what is with her penchant for pink, fringed, barely-there outfits? Did Joey Heatherton bequeath Lisa the contents of her attic?

-Sure, Drew Lachey can dance, but am I the only one who wonders if there isn’t some missing charisma gene in the Lachey family chromosomes?

-Will it finally be clear to everyone that P really ought to go home? On the other hand, were the judges a little too mean to him, kicking the man when he’s down? (I was impressed by his basketball skills, though. Guess moves on the court don’t translate to moves on the dancefloor.)

Let’s hear some jive (or tango) talk from you PopWatchers, and tell us who you think had the best moves, and who’ll be voted off tonight.

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