The White Earth


It is with an enviable and effortless touch that Andrew McGahan unveils the tale of the fictional McIvor family — a band of farmers, murderers, gimlet-eyed lusters, and not-so-secret haters of aborigines — who ripped through rural Australia in the 20th century. And while The White Earth bears all the hallmarks of a neo-Dickensian novel (there’s everything from an abandoned child protagonist to a spooky, run-down mansion with a dark family secret), a lot more is going on in McGahan’s latest than simple homage. Seen through the eyes of preteen William, whose soul hangs in the balance throughout the book, the saga of the McIvors is nothing less than a grim and supremely entertaining take on colonialism in Australia and the tortured, stained hearts of all its New World cousins.

The White Earth
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