Credit: David Duchovny: Stefano Paltera/AP

Saw this on ContactMusic, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt, but I’m fascinated by the idea of David Duchovny taking over from Eric Bana for a straight-to-video Hulk sequel. Not that I think it’s a good idea; I loved Duchovny as Fox Mulder, but in all the seasons of The X-Files, I don’t think I ever saw the deadpan actor get angry enough to Hulk out. Then again, maybe they can give the franchise back to Ang Lee, who can sequelize his current film at the same time. Get ready for Hulkback Mountain, in which Duchovny is the tormented, gamma-radiated hero, but Jake Gyllenhaal is the one who bursts out of his shirt. ”Hulk wish Hulk knew how to quit you.”

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