Over the past few days at the annual Television Critics Association gathering in Pasadena, the network chiefs have been racking up the body count with their announcements of axed shows. In case there was any doubt, they confirmed that this season will be the last for The WB‘s 7th Heaven and Fox‘s Malcolm in the Middle, and That ’70s Show. And ABC is halting production on Heather Graham’s Emily’s Reasons Why Not (pictured) after just one airing; no word on whether the five remaining completed episodes will ever air. ABC’s Jake in Progress is also on indefinite hiatus.

Ironically, the threatened show that’s most likely to have a future is Arrested Development, which Fox is sending off with a four-episode blowout on Feb. 10 (opposite the Olympics opener on NBC; thanks a lot, Fox), but which is still in negotiation with ABC and Showtime for a possible pickup. While we cross our fingers for a resurrection of AD, will you be mourning any of these other shows, or are they getting while the getting is good?

addCredit(“Emily’s Reasons Why Not: Richard Cartwright/ABC”)