Last night’s premiere of Love Monkey (I can’t get over what a horrible name that is for a show) got me thinking about all the male singer-songwriters that may not get heard by the public. Not everyone will be as lucky as Teddy Geiger (a soon-to-be heartthrob), who played musician of the moment Wayne on last night’s show. Here are three artists I feel deserve such attention:

Luke Doucet This Canadian alt-country balladeer is heartbreaking. With lyrics like “One day you’re gonna to miss me/One day you’re gonna wake up cold/Then you’ll wish that you could kiss me…,” how could “Broken One” not become a classic?

Ian Love New York native Love’s hushed vocals and delicate folk sounds are perfect on a cold winter’s day. Why? Because they are overwhelmingly warm, like Belle & Sebastian. Check out “The Only Night,” the debut track from his eponymous debut.

Jeff Merchant If Nick Cave had been from California, this is what he’d sound like. Even though his voice is less menacing than Cave’s, Merchant’s complex haunting tales, with added strings, are just as powerful. “Li’l Miss Riding Hood” is only the beginning.