Online-only: Early details on the ''Reno 911!'' movie. Prepare for Paul Rudd as a baddie in the big-screen adaptation of Comedy Central's series
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And you thought his musk-wearing, mustached TV reporter in Anchorman was over-the-top… Paul Rudd will appear as a big-time coke dealer in the recently announced Reno 911!: Miami, an adaptation of Comedy Central’s COPS-skewering series (shooting begins later this month for a tentative late-summer release). Writer-director Ben Garant told Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack what fans can expect from Lt. Dangle’s big-screen debut. (Finally, a climate where his short-shorts make some sense!)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How much of the movie is written?
BEN GARANT It’s pretty much done. Just like the show [which is largely improvised], we never write dialogue or anything. We have a tight outline that goes scene-by-scene, and based on that outline we just hire people who we really trust and can improv. People kinda know what they’re supposed to do, but they always try and surprise us… We have the full outline of the movie done. So, now we’re doing the last adjustments we need as far as finding weird places we need to shoot for the thing? [like] a yacht that would let us set people on fire on it.

So what’s the basic plot?
The Reno deputies get invited to Miami for a law enforcement convention. Junior [a deputy Garant plays on the show and in the movie] has never been out of Washaw County, and they’ve never been on planes, but they go to Miami. So when they go to this conference, Dangle [Thomas Lennon] screws up the reservations, so we don’t have passes to the thing and we don’t have reservations at the hotel where all the other cops are staying. We’re staying in this really crappy spring-break hotel down the beach, and while we’re there and while all the other cops are in the convention center, there’s a bio attack on the convention center. They seal it off with every single law enforcement officer in Miami-Dade on the inside — and the only eight cops left outside to keep control of Miami are the eight of us. Homeland Security takes care of the big stuff, they’re out looking for the bad guys who did the bio attack and trying to find a cure. We’re put in charge of 911 calls in Miami. So we’re looking at Mapquest and we don’t know how to get an alligator out of the pool… Stuff like that.

Do you think it will be R-rated?
Oh yeah. On the show we bleep everything and blur everything, and we can’t really bleep and blur for a movie. Just language alone will put us into a hard R in the first two minutes. So we’re embracing that and going with it.

How close will it be to the TV show?
It’s going to be exactly like the TV show. And for people who haven’t seen the show, we’ll explain how the Washaw sheriff’s department has signed away its rights to have a documentary crew follow it all the time. It’s somewhere between Reno 911! and The Thin Blue Line: a straight two-camera documentary, all handheld, no lights, and runnin’ around in cop cars. But this time we have palm trees in the background.

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