Why ''Going in Style'' should be remade -- We discuss the merits of the comedy featuring George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg

When raiding the Hollywood closet for remake ideas, there are two bedrock rules: Avoid movies done well the first time around (Psycho) and those still beloved (Sabrina). And while 1979’s Going in Style pretty much aced it back in the Carter era, it’s almost completely forgotten. A shame? Yep. But also a giant opportunity, since it’s one of the few films that might make you wet yourself laughing and then wet yourself again bawling. George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg play three elderly widowers and best pals who put some excitement into their Geritol years by holding up a bank in fake schnozes, then hitting the crap tables in Vegas with the loot. We’re seeing Paul Newman as Burns’ deadpan straight man, Don Rickles as Carney’s comic cutup, and Wilford Brimley as Strasberg’s voice of reason. That’s right, Wilford Brimley. Just think of the lucrative Quaker Oats product placement.