Who's making deals in the week of January 20, 2006 -- The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

MOVIES Where the Wild Things Are? Why, they’re at Warner Bros., which has rescued Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s classic from turnaround at Universal. Working on a screenplay with novelist Dave Eggers, director Spike Jonze (Adaptation) hopes to begin production on the live-action movie by the end of 2006. Tom Hanks is one of four producers.

Holy hot pants! Lieutenant Dangle and his fellow officers-in-ineptitude are coming to the big screen in Reno 911!: Miami. ”It’s going to be exactly like the show, but this time we have palm trees,” says co-writer- director Robert Ben Garant. Starring the entire regular cast, plus Paul Rudd (Anchorman) as ”one of our many, many villains,” the movie follows Nevada’s finest to South Florida, where a bio attack puts a damper on a law-enforcement convention. ”We’re in charge of 911 calls in Miami,” Garant explains. ”So we’re looking at MapQuest and we don’t even know how to get an alligator out of the pool.”

TELEVISION What?besides the ability to make orange spandex pop?qualifies an actor to play Aquaman? Let’s check in with Smallville co-creator Al Gough, who just signed newcomer Will Toale to star as the King of Atlantis in a pilot he’s developing for The WB. ”Like all great WB stars, he comes from the Great White Way,” Gough quips of the Streetcar Named Desire vet. ”The fact that he’s good-looking is just an accident.” (Gough and co-exec producer Miles Millar also cite Toale’s ”warmth, strength, and charm.”) But back to the spandex: Toale — who, despite what IMDb.com says, appears fully clothed in his sole film credit, Uptown Girls — will play twentysomething Florida dive shop owner A.C. (That’s Arthur Curry for the Aquaman-lore impaired.) The team starts shooting the pilot March 6, and Gough, who has demonstrated with Smallville that he’s undaunted by Big Ideas, promises the following: ”If I’m going to give you the pretentious literary influence, it’s Henry IV.”