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As part of PopWatch’s ongoing efforts to make your world a better place, we translate Kevin Federline’s recent interview with into words that make sense to you and your families. (And in that same vein, EW’s music department also has some helpful advice about K.Fed’s ”soul-snuffing” new single, ”PopoZão.”) Let’s begin, shall we:

What Kevin said: ”It’s not that I don’t respect [Britney’s collaborators]. I’d love to [work with them] and I’m sure one day I will end up working with a bunch of big producers, but right now I want people to know I did this.”

What Kevin meant:
”Britney said she wasn’t payin’ for me to work with Max Martin.”

What Kevin said: “We want to go out to Brazil [for the ‘PopoZão’ video]…then finish it up in Miami on the beach. The single’s really directed towards Miami and Brazil. That’s it. Springtime hits and it’s gonna be on and cracking.”

What Kevin meant: ”Two weeks without having to change a diaper? Sweet!”

What Kevin said: ”It’s not a joke to me. This is my emotion, this is everything, the past two years where I haven’t said anything or came out and talked to anybody, I held it all in here so I can do this.”

What Kevin meant: ”Po! Po! Po! Po! PopoZão! PopoZão!”

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