Three thoughts about Wednesday’s riveting episode of Project Runway (Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday; PopWatch’s resident Runway addict Tim Gunatilaka is on vacation this week):

-Am I the only person who would leap at the chance to buy a Nick doll? Seriously, he might actually be the cutest person on the planet.

-Wasn’t it kind of refreshing to see someone other than scary-haired Santino or Nick win the week’s challenge? And on the same note, don’t you get the feeling that Chloe (who almost disappeared standing next to gigantor Emmett) is a much bigger threat to win the whole competition than Santino would like to believe?

-Even though Marla and Diana deserved to get sent packing, I still think the latter is awfully talented. So much so, in fact, that I might have to buy one of the ‘Fashion Nerd’ buttons she’s selling on her official website. C’mon, you’ve got to admit — they’re kinda awesome.

Anyhow, what did you think of the episode? And who’s your pick to get the boot next week?

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