The latest in style trends -- Our critics list why private dancers, black leather, and three other things are suddenly showing up everywhere

Beyoncé Thinks Pink

Watch out, cartoon panther — there’s a prettier kitty on screen, and she’s even more pinkalicious than you. ”Check On It,” the latest from La Beyoncé, is so very, very rosy that it’s actually letterboxed in pink, flowing silk. And every outfit — from micromini and cornrows to bubblegum bomber and Varga girl curl, peony-bright leotard to powder-puff pantsuit — is in the cat’s signature color. To some, it might be too Pepto; to us, it’s one sweet candy valentine. —Leah Greenblatt


Striking fear in publicity-hungry D-listers, L.A. hot spot Privilege has banned shutterbugs. ”We don’t allow cameras,” says co-owner Reza Roohi. ”We make [stars] very comfortable.” Apparently so: Past guests include Christina Aguilera and Kanye West. But if a table-dancing Bai Ling falls down — and a paparazzo isn’t around to shoot it — does she still make a sound?

Costume Celeb

Between Stacy Keibler’s ribs-baring halter and Lisa Rinna’s sparkly tigerwear, season 2 of Dancing With the Stars has plummeted to the sartorial lows of the debut run. We couldn’t be more psyched.Under the Leather


Bravo’s Project Runway looked suspiciously like The Apprentice on Dec. 14, as the Marc Jacobs wannabes created outfits for (shudder) My Scene Barbie. Bravo swears there was no cash-in-quick scheme with Mattel — ”The challenges are organic to the show,” says exec producer Shari Levine — and aside from an upcoming Banana Republic (a PR sponsor) challenge, it’s auf Wiedersehen to shameless brand-hawking on the catwalk for the rest of the season.

Under the Leather

Kate Beckinsale has pulled off what George Clooney and Halle Berry couldn’t: leather ‘n’ latex. Her Underworld: Evolution ensemble is chic, and best yet: No chicken cutlets were harmed in its making. ”There’s no augmentation in this suit,” says costumer Wendy Partridge. ”Usually there’s something underneath [the bodysuit] to make it look like a perfect figure. But there is nothing there that’s not her.”