''The Book of Daniel'' clones an HBO favorite -- Is the new NBC series really just ''Six Feet Under'' with a Bible?

The Book of Daniel

SIX FEET UNDER NATHANIEL (Richard Jenkins) Spirit who regularly appeared to offer guidance to his children while indulging in illegal drugs. THE BOOK OF DANIEL DANIEL (Aidan Quinn) Father who, with help from a spirit, offers guidance to his children while indulging in prescription drugs.

SIX FEET UNDER CLAIRE (Lauren Ambrose) Youngest of the Fisher brood, Claire rebeled through collage art and pot before ditching community. THE BOOK OF DANIEL GRACE (Alison Pill) Youngest of the Webster brood, Grace rebels through anime and pot before bitching about community service.

SIX FEET UNDER DAVID (Michael C. Hall) Once-closeted gay brother who pressured himself into dating women; became mortician to make father proud. THE BOOK OF DANIEL PETER (Christian Campbell) Semicloseted gay brother who’s pressured into dating a woman; becoming a doctor to make dead brother proud.

SIX FEET UNDER NATE (Peter Krause) Prodigal and promiscuous son; had an affair with his stepfather’s daughter and immediately landed in the hospital. THE BOOK OF DANIEL ADAM (Ivan Shaw) Adopted and promiscuous son; has an affair with family friend’s daughter and immediately lands in the hospital.

The Book of Daniel
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