Better 35 years late than never. At the Academy Awards in March, seven-time Oscar bridesmaid Robert Altman (left) will get an Honorary Oscar. I know we’re not supposed to think of Honorary Oscars as consolation prizes for old-timers (Altman turns 81 next month) whom the Academy has neglected to honor before (like Sidney Lumet last year, or Peter O’Toole three years ago), but c’mon. At least Altman, unlike some past winners, still has an active and flourishing career. It’ll be interesting to hear his acceptance speech, given the obvious contempt the Player director has for the Hollywood establishment.

As of this morning, USA Today’s newly launched Oscar blog is the only one that has yet to comment on the Altman citation. Yep, everybody’s got an Oscar blog now: The Los Angeles Times has two (the Academy-specific Oscar Beat and general awards-show site Goldderby), the New York Times has Carpetbagger, and now, USA Today has O-Factor. (”Quick, nurse, she’s losing blood! Get her a pint of O-Factor, stat!”). Alas, we no have Oscar blog, but check back here at PopWatch and at’s Movies section for frequent Oscar news updates leading up to the March 5 ceremony and beyond.

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