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Here are some of the pilots for new dramas the networks have unveiled so far at the Television Critics Association Conclave this week in Los Angeles:

Untitled Alicia Keys Project (UPN): Alicia Keys is following in Chris Rock’s footsteps by developing a UPN show about her hardscrabble upbringing in New York City. She could call it The Diary of Alicia Keys, of course, or maybe Everybody Hates Alicia.

Six Degrees (ABC): Lost‘s J.J. Abrams is one of the producers of this show about several strangers on an island who are mysteriously connected. This time, however, the island is Manhattan. No word if Kevin Bacon is one of the strangers.

Jericho (CBS): A small town is isolated from the rest of the world after a nuclear disaster.

Orpheus (CBS): A guy’s girlfriend joins a sophisticated cult.

Faceless (Fox): Joe Carnahan (Narc) directs and produces this Wiseguy-esque story of a fed who goes undercover in a vast crime syndicate.

Heroes (NBC): Crossing Jordan‘s Tim Kring is writing and directing this two-hour pilot about a large group of people who discover that they have superpowers.

Seeing Red (NBC): A brainy, oddball cop solves crimes by talking to the deceased victims. Graham Yost (Speed) writes and directs.

It’s fun, of course, to play Spot the Source when imagining these shows being pitched. (”It’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent meets Ghost Whisperer!” ”It’s Invasion meets The Day After!”) But setting aside how derivative some of these shows may be, which of them sounds like a program you’d watch?

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