Credit: Eva Mendes: Steve Granitz/

Now that they’ve finally cast Daniel Craig as 007, the James Bond producers still have to finish another extensive casting search to find his leading lady for Casino Royale. Contrary to rumor, Variety reports, they still haven’t settled on anyone yet. Apparently, you can forget such top-of-the-wish-list names as Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie (who, now that she’s announced that there’s a Brangelina baby on the way, probably won’t be doing any Lara Croft-type stuntwork for a while). One rumored name was Craig’s Layer Cake costar Sienna Miller. Among the four women reportedly testing for the role are Natasha Henstridge and Australian actress Kimberly Davies.

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I’m not sure who I’d want to cast, since Bond Girl is a career-killer role unless you’re already an established actress. (It’s no problem if you’re Halle Berry or Michelle Yeoh, but have you ever seen Izabella Scorupco or Maryam D’Abo again?) I’d like to see someone more exotic than the usual Euromodel types play the part: say, Eva Mendes (above), or Thandie Newton, or Sofia Vergara.

Who would you pick, PopWatchers?