Aftershocks from the James Frey and J.T. Leroy literary hoax scandals are hitting Hollywood, as both authors have several movie projects in various stages of development. The Hollywood Reporter assesses the fallout here.

Frey is expected to address allegations tonight on CNN’s Larry King Live that his crime-and-addiction memoir A Million Little Pieces was largely fabricated; Oprah Winfrey, who put the 2003 book back on the bestseller list last fall when she selected it for her book club, and who is still touting it on her website, has yet to address the issue.

As for Leroy, the revelations that the author also fabricated his history — he was never a young hustler, or even a guy, but rather a persona created by two women — have spawned a number of egg-on-my-face confessions by the duped literati who’d helped him. (See here and here.)

Still, the feuds of Frey vs. The Smoking Gun, and Leroy vs. everyone who ever helped ”him,” may pale in attention next to Lindsay Lohan vs. Vanity Fair. She’s now disavowing the cover story about her that the magazine published last week, insisting that she never said she had bulimia and that the reporter distorted her remarks. Vanity Fair is standing by its story, but this feud is clearly not over yet.

Anyway, some writer lied to us all, and there’ll be hell to pay, or my name’s not Clifford Irving.