Talking to MTV News about 2007's Spider-Man 3, James Franco (left) responds to the question everyone's asking (that is, isn't it about time your character Harry Osborn started picking up dad's pumpkin bombs and going all Green Goblin on Spidey's ass?). His answer, paraphrased: I'm not allowed to talk about it, but duh!

Meanwhile, Sam Raimi plans, after he finishes directing Spider-Man 3, to shoot The Wee Free Men, an adaptation of a children's book about a nine-year-old girl who saves her brother from a wicked fairy queen with the help of some tiny, blue-skinned, kilted, hard-drinking Scottish warriors. (Imagine Braveheart, if Mel Gibson and his pals were just six inches tall.) Now, I don't care how many family-friendly comic-book movies Sam Raimi makes, if I were a studio chief, I wouldn't give a children's fantasy to the guy who directed the Evil Dead trilogy. That's just wrong.

Spider-Man 3
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