Just like your dentist, you know the drill: What’s weirder?

A. Sen. Ted Kennedy is penning a children’s book, My Senator and Me: A Dog’s-Eye View of Washington, D.C.

B. The NFL has retracted its ban on folks over the age of 45 from taking to the field to during the Rolling Stones’ Super Bowl halftime-show performance.

C. An imprisoned German cannibal is suing to stop distribution of the Keri Russell horror flick Butterfly: A Grim Love Story, saying he feels ”used” because the film is a ”slavish reenactment” of his own delightful life’s journey.

D. An Ohio couch potato became mummified after her dead body was left in front of her TV for more than two years.

(See Mike’s answer after the jump.)

Right off the bat, I’m ruling out B; the only thing weird about thatstory is that the ban was proposed in the first place. I’m alsoeliminating A, because it’s a little-known fact that kids love to readabout hard-driving lobbyists, pork-barrel spending, and partisaninfighting. That leaves me with C and D, and I’m giving the slight edgeto the testy cannibal. After all, who among us hasn’t risked turninginto a mummy after a day of marathon programming on MTV or SciFi? Onthe other hand, a convicted murderer messing with my girl Felicity’sfilm career? Now that ain’t right!

Which of the above items do youthink is weirdest?