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Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember: Melinda Sue Gordon

Either this week’s HeadScratcher was too hard, or many of you are openly snubbing me in protest of the blogfather’s weeklong absence. (Don’t worry — to your relief and mine, Mickey’s back tomorrow!)

In any case, we barely got any responses after asking you what these five movies have in common. The answer? They all feature appearances by folks on this season’s Dancing With the Stars. That’s judge Carrie Ann Inaba as Fook Yu in Austin Powers in Goldmember (pictured, left). Lisa Rinna costars in the Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards movie Good Advice; George Hamilton made The Godfather Part III more, um, tan; Master P was in Hollywood Homicide; and Jerry Rice popped up in Necessary Roughness.

Most of you who answered got it right. Our own Smarty McObservant, Patrick A. Yearout, even noted that Evander Holyfield, a competitor on last summer’s Dancing, also appears in Necessary Roughness. And Connie L. Chilton, who seems to ALWAYS get these things right, reordered the list according to ”how well the people that starred in them did in [the DWTS] premiere performances.” (From best to worst, in Connie’s world: Rice, Rinna, Hamilton, Master P, and Inaba.) Correct AND opinionated — me likey!

Here’s another possibly correct answer: ”All of the movies had an older person acting as a mentor to someone younger. Harrison Ford to Josh Harnett [in Hollywood]. Dr. Evil to Mini-Me [in Goldmember].” And don’t forget, Al Pacino to Andy Garcia in Godfather. As for Good Advice and Necessary Roughness? You guys tell me — I’ve never seen ’em, and for my own fragile sanity, I don’t plan to anytime soon.

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