Stephen Colbert
Credit: The Colbert Report: Joel Jeffries

The best new word coined in 2005? According to the American Dialect Society, which has issued its 16th annual list of the best neologisms, it’s ”truthiness,” a word coined by Stephen Colbert (pictured) on the debut broadcast of The Colbert Report, which the ADS defines as ”the quality of stating concepts or facts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true.”

Turns out ”truthiness” is only one of several celebrity-related words on this year’s list, which you can download as a PDF here. The Most Unnecessary word of the year is ”K Fed.” (Sorry, Kev.) Among the Most Outrageous is ”Whizzinator,” a word apparently popularized by Tom Sizemore. ”Brangelina” made the Least Likely to Succeed list; do they mean as a word or as a couple?

Finally, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes inspired so many terms they needed their own lexicon, prompting the ADS to coin its own word, ”Cruiselex.” Entries in the ”Cruiselex” include ”Cruisazy” (”crazy in the manner of Tom Cruise”), ”TomKat,” and of course, ”jump the couch.”
Which of these celebrity coinages do you think will last? (I’ve never heard anyone use ”Cruisazy.”) Any words or phrases from 2005 you wish would drop out of circulation? Any new ones you hope will catch on?

addCredit(“The Colbert Report: Joel Jeffries”)