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What Not to Wear

Guilty Pleasures: ”What Not to Wear”

Every week I watch as clueless, sorry, ”wardrobe-challenged” people get turned in by their so-called friends and family for committing fashion faux pas. (You know the kind of wardrobe mistakes I’m talking about — the donning of pajamas when it’s still light out and shopping in the junior department after you’ve hit the big 4-0.) The show’s fashion experts, Clinton Kelly and Stacy London (pictured), arrive with a camera crew to catch the victim’s expression and make an announcement that might be summed up like this: ”Congrats, you’re the next contestant on ‘Your Look Is All Wrong.’ Here’s what you’ve won: a trip to New York City where you’ll receive $5,000 towards new duds, two days of Fashion 101, and finishing touches by hairstylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy. Once we’ve had our way with you, we’re going to send you back home to the people who sold you out in the first place.” How could anyone not enjoy this? — Lisa Costantini

What Not to Wear
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