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Credit: True Life: MTV

Guilty Pleasures: ”True Life”

MTV reruns the crap out of this eight-year-old docuseries — but that’s just fine with me, especially when there’s a chance that I might see the episode that initially got me hooked: 2002’s ”I’m Getting Plastic Surgery,” starring that dude who got calf implants. (Remember him? The guy who flexed his new ”muscles” post-surgery and sent blood oozing out of the incisions? The guy whose friend teased him for having ”t–ties in his legs”? That was awesome!) Over the years, True Life has covered young people doing the silly things that young people do — binge-drinking at the Jersey Shore, binge-drinking at Mardi Gras, binge-drinking in Miami — and I’ve loved every dumb minute. But the show’s also known for tackling the Big Issues: A new episode this season, ”I Have OCD” (pictured), explored obsessive-compulsive disorder and its toll on the lives of three people, who allowed MTV’s cameras to film the daily rituals that complicate their lives. It’s that mix of the silly and the serious that makes True Life such a compelling series. As for all the so what? episodes in between (like ”I Have Embarrassing Parents,” or ”I’m Jealous”) — well, at the very least, give the producers props for stretching such thin material into a full hour. — Dawnie Walton