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Guilty Pleasures: ”Stacked”

I have many reasons for loving a TV show about a happy blond with big boobs who works in a bookstore where the conversation rarely involves books. Mostly, it’s my wife’s fault. She’s the one who started giggling as I attempted to click past the episode about the store clerk in his 30s who finds out that his new girlfriend is just 17 — when the girl’s parents walk in on a make-out session. Well, you couldn’t expect me to sit there with my arms folded and pout. In fact, I was open-minded enough to let myself see the potential of a sitcom that stars Pam Anderson. As my mom used to say whenever we saw an old movie with Marilyn Monroe or Judy Holliday, ”She’s really a very brilliant woman.” So when I watched the boob-jiggling episode with Jenny McCarthy, I too could only think of one word: brilliant. I should admit that I haven’t seen every episode, and you may have caught some bad ones that I missed early in the season. But, hey, how bad can it be with a master thespian like Christopher Lloyd in the cast? And what about those cool book illustrations that come to life as each scene begins?And all those double entendres? The stacks of books. The clerk who is stacked. See, I’m not shallow. I’m literary. And so is Pam. Right, Pam? Oh, Pam. Oh, Pam. Oh! — Michael Small

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