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Guilty Pleasures: ”Isaac”

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I love to surround myself with all of my talented, funny, sophisticated, gay male friends. So it’s no surprise that I spent New Year’s Eve with my guilty pleasure Isaac rather than watching that dumb ball fall in Times Square. In case you’ve missed it, Isaac is the new daily show on the Style network that combines talk show with fashion and on-the-street banter — well, let’s just say it’s a morning show in the evening, so it can be a bit campier than its competitors. And Isaac Mizrahi loves the ladies (including Keira Knightley, pictured)! He coos and compliments and makes sure they all have the perfect coffee drink. Plus he’s as sharp as ever. After mistakenly referring to Sarah Jessica Parker’s son as John Wilke (his real name is James Wilke), he quipped, ”What would you do if your son assassinated the President?” Isaac, will you be my gay boyfriend? — Katy Caldwell