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Footballers Wive$
Credit: Footballers Wives: BBC

Guilty Pleasures: ”Footballers Wive$”

The guiltiest pleasure from across the pond since the Spice Girls, Footballers Wive$ offers a deliciously soapy take on the world of professional footballers (soccer players) and their lovely spouses. Think the Beckhams meet Dynasty with an equal amount of sequins but fewer shoulder pads. If that doesn’t lure you in, Wive$ features nudity, profanity, and a hermaphrodite baby. Alfre Woodard keepin’ someone tied up in the basement seems a little bland now, huh? More importantly, Wive$ features the greatest primetime soap character since Melrose Place‘s Amanda (Heather Locklear): the vodka-guzzling, French-manicured Tanya Turner. Played to perfection by Zoe Lucker (pictured, in a representative pose), Turner sleeps, murders, and blackmails her way to the top without ever forgetting the importance of a nice lip gloss and a strong cocktail. For a recovering Place and Beverly Hills, 90210 junkie like myself, Footballers Wive$ is a juicy and potentially even more satisfying addiction. — Tim Stack

Footballers Wive$
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