Whatever happened to O-Town? -- The new MTV series ''There & Back'' looks at the post-heartthrob life of the failed boy band

Remember boy bands? Ever wonder what happened to all those dreamboats once the trend died? The answer isn't pretty: "I'm broke, my girlfriend is pregnant, and we're living with her mother." That's former O-Town heartthrob and Making the Band star Ashley Parker Angel, who's invited TV cameras into his life once again for MTV's There & Back (premiering Jan. 9, 10:30 p.m.). "Most Americans struggle to make ends meet," explains the 24-year-old Angel, "so it's a very real story of an artist trying to make it." And of parenthood. "I've never felt this kind of love," he says. "It's really inspired me." Here are the tunes Ashley's croonin' now.

Mr. Mom The show follows Angel into the studio, where he's making a solo album, and into the delivery room, where he and Tiffany Lynn produce their first child. "Tiffany's on bed rest, and I'm trying to record while trying to wrap my head around being a new dad."

Working Man "I think it's a popular misconception that if you have a record deal or a No. 1 song you're, like, instantly wealthy," says Angel. With his O-Town money gone (he blames "slanted" contracts that left the five group members with little), he finds himself having a yard sale and interviewing for jobs — including a music-store gig for $10 an hour (sadly, he doesn't have enough experience).

Reality TV Veteran "This time, they don't follow me into the shower," Angel says proudly. Though cameras do follow him into the bedroom, where he sleeps shirtless.