Is the new ''Dumb and Dumber'' DVD an improvement? -- We break down the Jim Carrey comedy's recent ''Unrated Edition''
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Is the new ”Dumb and Dumber” DVD an improvement?

Was it a bright idea for the Farrelly brothers to release an unrated DVD of their 1994 juvenile opus Dumb and Dumber? Here’s the straight dope on the new extras:

MAKING THINGS STUPID A retrospective explains how the gross-out humor of the film — originally titled A Power Tool Is Not a Toy — raised eyebrows in Hollywood. ”I got calls from executives saying, ‘Why would you send me this s—?”’ says producer Charles B. Wessler. Also: Steve Martin and Martin Short were approached before Jim Carrey landed the lead.

EASTER-EGG HUNT In a hidden feature, Jesse Borja, the actor who played the Kung Fu Chef, reveals the names for those fight poses from his unchoreographed martial arts dream sequence with Carrey (according to Borja, the ”Saturday Night Fever” bests the ”Monkey”).

FAKE FINALE The Farrellys must’ve anticipated the film’s lukewarm reaction from critics (EW gave it a B-): An alternate ending shows Harry and Lloyd plotting future job options. ”We have no talents and we don’t really fit into society,” says Harry. Lloyd’s response: ”Maybe we’ll be film critics.” Ouch.

WORTH A SECOND LOOK? Yes. A vast improvement over the bare-bones original DVD. No foolin’.

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