Riddle me this, PopWatchers: What’s weirder?

A) Madonna’s next video (for ”Sorry”) will be inspired by MTV’s Pimp My Ride.
B) Justin Timberlake is working with producer Rick Rubin (Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond) for his sophomore disc.
C) Barry Gibb is buying the former home of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, saying he and his wife plan to ”use the home to write songs because of the musical inspiration.”
D) Def Leppard is recording a glam-rock covers album, featuring the songs of Roxy Music, E.L.O., and the Kinks.

See our pick after the jump.

Right off the bat, I’m going to eliminate B and D, musicalcollaborations that might be better described as eclectic or surprisingthan outright weird. And while I’m not entirely sure how one can use ahouse to improve one’s songcraft, maybe that’s why I’m not exactlyfamous for my singing (outside my shower, anyhow). With that in mind,I’m voting for A; I remember a time (circa ”Bad Girl,” ”Like aPrayer,” and ”Take a Bow”) when nobody made better videos thanMadge, but with the taste of her phoned-in ”Hung Up” and”Hollywood” clips in my mouth, you’ll forgive me for not getting myhopes up.

Okay, your turn: What gets your vote for weirdest music-news item?