The Book of Daniel
Credit: The Book of Daniel: Chris Haston

So far, at least two NBC affiliates have decided not to air Friday’s premiere of The Book of Daniel. Hmm… I don’t remember Joan of Arcadia causing this kind of controversy. For those of you keeping score at home: God appearing as high school hottie who talks to a teenage girl: okay. Jesus (Garrett Dillahunt, far left) appearing as himself and talking to an Episcopal priest (Aidan Quinn, near left): not okay.

Both stations — KARK in Little Rock, Ark., and WTWO in Terre Haute, Ind. — share a parent company, Nexstar. Little Rock viewers will still be able to see Friday’s Daniel pilot on the local WB affiliate, KWBF. The Indiana NBC station, however, will be showing the movie Simon Birch instead. C’mon, WTWO, show them anything but that; after a few minutes, your viewers will be pleading with you to air Daniel. Heck, they’ll be pleading with you to air Joey.

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